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We would like to welcome you to Reema's BOLLYFIT WORKSHOPS and have Fun while you get Fit! We specialize in BOLLYFIT CORPORATE WORKSHOPS.
  • BOLLYFIT is a fantastic fusion of Bollywood, Bhangra, Salsa, Flamenco, Jazz, Funk and Modern dance moves with international Dance Aerobics and Cardio Kick-Boxing moves to Bollywood music to your favorite Bollywood, Indipop and Bhangra Remix music at 200 beats per minute, the fastest in the fitness and dance industry globally!
  • BOLLYFIT is: An intense calorie burner, muscle toning and strength training workout - Burns upwards of 500 - 700 calories per session. The Vigorous dance moves de-stress and unwind as you workout. Globally, BOLLYFIT is the only one of its kind Fitness Dancing with an excellent success quotient! The Workout includes BOLLYTONING which is a fantastic calorie burner, muscle toning and strength training workout! It builds: Muscular strength; Muscular Endurance; Cardiovascular Endurance; Flexibility; Power and Strength Training.
The BOLLYFIT Training Program helps to boost your metabolism by building up calorie-burning muscle tissue, and ensures that you'll preserve lean muscle mass as you lose fat. BOLLYTONING has 3 main workout components:
  • Abs (Abdominals), Buttocks (Gluts) and Thighs - An intense Upper and Lower Body Conditioning workout, to Burn Fat and Tone up Lower and Upper Abdominals, Gluts, Hips, Inner, Outer, Upper (Quad muscles) and Back (Hamstring) Thigh muscles.
  • Aimed to increase one's flexibility through deep muscle and Yoga stretches and correct breathing. You will feel relaxed afterwards, mind and body! Non-impact and Low Intensity.
  • Learn abou healthy eating habits and fitness tips for your daily wellness and healthy living


Reema Sarin has multi-faceted skills as an Actor, Model, Anchor & Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer & Founder of the BOLLYFIT Program.

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