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The Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City invited Reema Sarin to teach Bollywood Dancing to the boys and girls in their Childrensʻ Home ʻBalgramʻ in Sonepat . Reema taught 90 kids bollywood dancing to the popular bollywood song ʻKaala Chashmaʻ, which the children really enjoyed. Deepa Gangram from the Rotary Club added that “We are so glad for your support towards our project to make it a fun afternoon for the children of Balgram.”

Rotary Club of Delhi Garden

I had never attempted to dance in my life, but Reema’s personal training classes in Bollywood Dancing totally released me of my inhibitions! Reema taught me how to interpret Bollywood music and how to innovate with the different Bollywood moves and to match them to the different songs. Reema is really a fantastic Bollywood dancer and teacher.

Shalini Khanna
30 years, New Delhi

“Dear Ms. Reema, I on behalf of my entire staff and Rai Foundation would like to thank you again for your visit to our campus. You would not believe the way you have touched the lives of these girls, many of whom had never been given a chance to dream and smile. You would not believe the moment you left they were asking us and the faculties about your next visit…..as you know many of them still have to take your autograph and a picture with you, which they will cherish through out their life and feel motivated everytime.”

Warm regards
Rinchen Dolma

“I joined Reema’s BOLLYFIT classes after my pregnancy in April 2014, and by doing the classes 3 times a week, I lost 15 kilos in 3 months! Reema’s BOLLYFIT classes are intense and very effective and I higly recommend them for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and effectively! Cheers!

Vinita Verma
32 years, Business, New Delhi

“I started learning Bollywood dancing from Reema at one of her Dance Workshops, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The moves were simple to follow but very rhythmic and well synchronized to the beats! Since then, I have been learning Bollywood Dance from Reema and I just love it!

Ruby Jaiswal
35 years, New Delhi

“I started learning Bollywood Dancing from Reema 2 years ago and I just love her classes! I was so shy in the beginning but Reema instilled a lot of confidence in me and completely opened out my body to dancing bollywood! Today, I just get up dance freely whenever the music comes on!”

Preeti Chadha
27 years, Advertising, New Delhi

“David Jude, Director INSPIRE says “Reema Sarin’s Original BOLLYFIT came alive @INSPIRE in Hyderabad and knocked the wind out of US..fortunately, we fittingly survived….Thank you Reema for INSPIRING us @ INSPIRE..together, lets transform the world! Thank all our super trainers and valued clients…………U ROCK!”

David Jude
Director INSPIRE Gym, Hyderabad


Reema Sarin has multi-faceted skills as an Actor, Model, Anchor & Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer & Founder of the BOLLYFIT Program.

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